What’s Stopping You?


“Our past and future selves rob our present selves of happiness when we allow ourselves to be derailed by negative thoughts” – Ken Honda

Today’s theme is being present in the moment. Joey and Jason discuss at length the problems caused by concerning yourself with regrets of the past, or anxieties about the future, instead of tackling the here and now.

Both our hosts discuss their own struggles with their internal monologue: Joey confesses that he’s found himself slipping into former bad habits of being anxious about finances, while Jason opens up about his struggles over the past year with a failed business venture. 

All of which ties into a discussion about internalised thoughts vs external behaviour – you’re never going to banish negative thoughts entirely, so the discipline is in not acting on them – as well as the importance of recognising that one’s value is not intrinsically tied to one’s productivity.

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