Be Kind, Be Loving


Joey and Jason return for a brand new series: The Ungrind. They discuss how we should all strive to remove ‘the mask’ that conceals our vulnerabilities – that is, once Jason has removed the mask he is literally wearing for the show’s introduction.

Having discussed the mask as a metaphor for the exhausting nature of putting on a front, the pair debate the importance of dress and appearance, and how they link to notions of professionalism. While Jason argues for sticking by societal norms, Joey pushes his argument that having to wear a suit and tie is a ‘brule’ (bullshit rule) that convention has conditioned us into believing in.

With Jason suitably impressed by Joey’s vow that he would gladly sacrifice a paycheck to avoid such brules, the conversation moves on to the episode’s titular themes: love, kindness and fun. In discussing the importance of prioritising these concepts, the pair develop a new motto to see out the show.

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