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This week on the Grind, Joey and Jason guys discuss the idea of surrendering to life and the ideas from Michael Singer’s book ‘The Surrender Experiment. In the book, Singer describes his journey of how he became interested in meditation, how he started the Temple of the Universe and the Medical Manager Corporation, etc. The central theme of the book is about his attempts to “surrendering yourself to Life itself”, or not letting his personal ego to intervene with the flow of life.


Joey and Jason spend some time talking about how you can achieve this, viewing the ideas that pass through your mind as separate from yourself and in turn viewing yourself as a listener, or a more passive participant. Joey brings up some anecdotes from Michael Singers work. One in particular about building a house, that highlights the advantages of sitting back and ‘letting life happen’.


The conversation moves on to the topic of avoiding a negative mindset and how surrendering to your circumstance can help you be positive. Jason ties this to his desire to not care as much what other people think, and how that worry can obstruct you from opportunities you would have otherwise taken advantage of. Joey tells a story about “Donna the crazy gravy lady” that highlights this quite well.


The guys round everything up by discussing how to overcome the general in-built resistance that we all have to doing things that would help us achieve our goals but may be difficult for some reason, Whether societal perception or personal anxiety. Blocking out that voice in your head that questions you at every turn, stopping second guessing yourself and embracing what you previously may not have recognised as opportunities. In other words, ‘the power of the pos’ is the message of the episode, join Joey and Jason next week to follow their journey on the Grind. “Only those who attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible”.



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