“We are constantly being distracted from the most important things in our lives”


This week on the Grind Joey and Jason explore the topic of distractions and 2019 kicks of with the guys back on the grind, working hard and revisiting the old nemesis of getting stuff done. Joey talks about the book ‘Audience of One’ by Srinivas Rao and why he reads it as often as possible. Jason discusses how people are their own worst enemy when it comes to maintaining focus and thus being able to react quickly and intelligently to obstacles. The guys then explore how the level of importance you place on your other life priorities can either help or hinder your resistance to distraction.


“We’re visuals beings and visualisation is a huge thing”


Jason and Joey then talk about some of the best things to focus on that help you avoid being distracted and how you can use your friends and family to assist you. Jason brings up how on average, 80% of your work will come from 20% of your activities and why you should focus on making the most of that 20% and not stressing about the rest. Joey brings up how it has become a positive sign for him when he finds out about big news events that he was unaware of, because it means he wasn’t distracted by them.


“Mindless reactive consumption.  That’s the society we live in now”


Jason explains the 25-5 rule and talks about how it can help you prioritise properly. Joey brings up another version of an 80-20 split in the amount of people will actually follow their advice and seems to have accidentally stumbled onto the ‘Pareto Distribution’. After talking a bit more about the importance of family, Joey and Jason discuss why ‘no’ might be the word of 2019. Then before signing off the guys talk about the dangers of tech a little bit more and Joey gives us The Grind rules for 2019.


1. Know what’s important


2. Embrace the suck


3. Don’t forget the power of the word ‘no’.


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