Are You Limiting Your Ceiling of Achievement? with Mike Giannulis

This week’s guest is Michael Giannulis, Mike grows and scales companies, using real-world experience to make it happen. His most recent company is on track to do $25 million in gross revenues. He is a serial entrepreneur who develops systems to help other entrepreneurs run multiple companies without having to be there. In 2012 Mike appeared on the ABC television show Extreme Weight Loss, losing 255 pounds. He has overcome a stutter. He has gone from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top of the mountain… and he loves helping others do the same.


Before the interview starts, Jason has a mini rant about the dangers of social media overuse and the effects it can have on a young person’s psychology. The guys reflect on the more personal in-depth nature of their recent shows and Joey relates it to Jason’s previous point, saying that ensuring your use of social media is productive and healthy is the key, using it as primarily a tool is a useful method.


The guys cover a variety of topics in the interview with Mike, ranging from the evolution of management from tasks to organisations, how to maximise your potential and the simplicity and practicality of online marketing solutions. Joey talks about Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the dependence to independence to interdependence progression that people go through. Jason and Joey ply Mike for nuggets of his social media expertise and he goes in depth on what he offers business’s in terms of digital marketing. Mike then explains some of the finer points of scaling a marketing strategy as your business grows, and how to cope with teething problems. There is a lot of insight in this episode, make sure you tune in every week for more fascinating guests with great stories and knowledge. Grind Out.


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