The Holy Shit Show with Caitlin Pyle

Jason and Joey are back with another episode of The Grind. This week’s guest is Caitlin Pyle, CEO, Author, Entrepreneur, Podcast host and self-made millionaire. The guys set the stage for the interview and spend some time introducing Caitlin and her achievements.


To Start the interview Joey asks about Caitlin’s ‘3 analogies to inspire lasting success’, a synergy of stories and lessons about life and work. Caitlin talks a bit about how they came about and why they can be helpful, before the group begins discussing how important spontaneity can be in business. Caitlin talks about what you can gain from learning how to look at the big picture and adapt accordingly.


“Every decision in between faith and fear”.


Joey almost has a heart attack when Caitlin says that she hasn’t seen Indiana Jones and Caitlin explains her point of view by talking about her familiarity with archetypes and the universality of the human story. Jason asks about Caitlin’s proof-reading business and how it came about, which Caitlin explains by taking us back to her early career as a receptionist, all the way through to the evolution of her personal brand.


“So many people in there just need to be told they’re not crazy”.


Joey in the next segment asks about being yourself and how Caitlin manages her personal and business relationships. After explaining some of her interpersonal philosophy, Caitlin talks about mental health and the systemic problems within the revolving door mental health industry. Caitlin also mentions people’s perceptions and how pervasive unfounded negative stereotypes are. Joey and Jason continue to pick Caitlin’s brain about people’s tendency to stagnate and Caitlin describes how she has combated that in her own life. Afterwards Caitlin delves into how The Legend of Zelda games are analogous to her life journey and the gang have a nice reminisce about their early video game experiences.


To finish up, Caitlin talks a bit about astrology and her future endeavours before they gang say goodbye, until next week… Grind Out.


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