Interview with a Genius! Don MacPherson

This episode of The Grind features an interview Don MacPherson former Head of Global Marketing at Aon and founder of 12 Geniuses. 12 Geniuses helps leaders around the world understand how the workplace is changing so they can disrupt and not be disrupted. They also have a great podcast.


“What you focus on expands”


To start this episode Joey and Jason talk about one of Joeys favourite quotes, action vs inaction and how one simple connection can change your life. The guys discuss their goals, recent episodes and why they enjoy making the podcast, before introducing the interview with Don.


The guys begin by picking Don’s brain about his early career, development and how travelling and experiencing other cultures expanded his horizons and effectively functioned as a teacher in his life. Joey relates this to some of his own experiences from his time in the military and Jason brings up responsibility and how it relates to some of Nova Whitman’s ideas. In reference to this, the guys ask Don about how he finds living in a 1202 square foot condo.


“Am I going to have a good day? Or am I going to have a bad day?”


In the next section, Don talks about the pursuit of happiness and how to approach it healthily. Joey drops some knowledge on awareness before telling Don about a phrase he heard him use that he now uses all the time. Don then talks about his friend and CEO Doug Lennick and the book ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Victor Frankl. Then the guys discuss recognition and gratitude, how these are some of your best tools as a leader and some examples of how to implement them.


Joey Jason and Don move on to a discussion about social media and depth in relationships, then Joey talks a bit about ‘Dig your well before you’re thirsty’ by Harvey Mackay and the discussion transitions to difficulties you can encounter attempting deeper emotional connections. Don and the guys then finish up this topic talking about the importance of not ignoring the people already close to you.


Joey and Jason then invite Don to go in depth on the trends he sees in tech at the moment, how 12 Geniuses is tackling those and what he sees in the near future. This covers topics like 3D printing, biotech, the internet of things and AI. The discussion veers towards the possibility of a ‘Skynet’ scenario and the trade-offs between advances in tech and personal sacrifices. Don then fills us in on what he is up to at the moment and what to look out for before the guys conclude the episode and sign off. Grind Out!



Reading list:


The search for meaning – Victor Frankl


Dig your well before you’re thirsty – Harvey Mackay


12 Geniuses podcast:


Don’s Twitter: @MacPherson_D


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