The 100/0 Principle

Welcome back to The Grind. This week see’s Joey returning from a ten-day hiatus from technology and describing the euphoria and freedom that it allows you, but also the tribulations and intimidation of trying to catch up. Joey elaborates on his feeling of awareness and being in the moment that not being constantly distracted allows. Jason talks about his attempts to avoid anxiety as a young man and his realisations later in life that are more based on finding a balance. Joey and Jason go into depth on the extent that anxiety runs their life. Often the things that benefit your life can come with anxiety, but without staying the path you can’t get to the points of less stress that they can afford you. Joey puts this into perspective with an anecdote about life expectancy and the realisation of mortality.


Jason and Joey discuss the search for moments of Impact and depth in life and how you should manage expectations. Jason talks about how some people are so desperate to create impact in the world around them that they sacrifice having a family and their own happiness. This leads on to an analysis of cost versus benefit in searching for meaning in life and how sometimes the search for it can stop you seeing the meaning you could have otherwise had. Joey then tries to nail down his definition of impact and what it means for him. The guys then discuss how important relationships are in seeing the results of that impact and how often they are the best path to creating depth in your life.


“I’m going to give 100%, and if they don’t… that’s ok”.


Jason then brings up ‘the 100/0 principle’ by Al Ritter and the basic philosophy behind it. The guys explore some of the nuance involved in implementing this methodology and the finer points of deciding who is worth enacting this protocol on. The guys then move on to how you can implement this principle within a team and/or your family. Joey expands on why you need to relinquish any perceived control over how people react to you and how this can benefit your overall success. As it turns out, four-year olds are capable of meditation and the guys then discuss how accessible these techniques are. Joey and Jason talk about some of the previous guests and how their philosophies synergize with the 100/0 principle. The guys explore peoples need for recognition when doing ‘selfless’ good deeds and how that is something you should try to fight against. This leads into a discussion of that universal struggle that is bettering yourself, that so many people struggle with and how you cannot make any progress in that field without being honest with yourself. Jason talks a bit about self-awareness and how without it you will make little to no progress on yourself, or even worse, you may never realise that you have things you need to change.


The guys preview some of the upcoming shows and talk book recommendations, so there is a fair bit of homework this week. Don’t fret it though they are good reads and can help you immensely. Grind out


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