Building Wealth by Setting Audacious Goals!

The Grind is back this week with another insightful episode. After starting with a little Braveheart reference and reflecting on some of their recent guests, the guys jump straight into it.


“Surround yourself with people that push you”.


Joey and Jason start by pinning down their definition of vision and then discussing how to prioritise in context of that, Jason also describes how many people can lose sight of their original vision and how he tries to avoid that. Jason then talks about specifics in terms of his future vision for his real estate ventures. This leads the boys to discuss goal setting and target prioritisation, but first Jason talks a little about his musical aspirations and other life goals. This topic highlights how having a unified set of goals across different areas of your life can synergise any momentum you gain, helping lead to exponential growth.


“If you don’t want a lot of money, that’s being selfish”.


The next subject sees Joey and Jason talking about the importance of money vs time, when it comes to charity and helping others. Jason tells an anecdote about a family who built an orphanage in Mexico, and how there is a counterproductive stigma about wealth that is entirely misinformed. Joey then discusses risk and how fear of it stops some people from becoming as successful as they could have been. After Joey and Jason switch gears to talk about vices and the difficulties and benefits of abstaining from those vices. Joey goes into detail about how attaining goals can become more difficult as you get older, but it is important to approach them with a young person’s attitude. To that end the guys talk about why you should try to be around people who will uplift you with positivity. Then the guys engage in some traditional Jason and Joey friendly competitiveness, as Joey talks about the ‘Torkildson speaking empire’ and Jason decides that they need to get into the merch game. Homework for this week is to let Joey know what your goals are, no matter how crazy or ambitious. And make sure you tune in next week for more insights, philosophy and motivation.


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