How to FOCUS and EXECUTE on your Big Ideas with Matt Johnson

This episode starts in traditional Grind fashion with Joey and Jason talking about their current adventures and giving a recap off last week’s episode, with some 90’s references thrown in for good measure. They also talk about Dan’s thoughts on leadership and how he made Joey want to get his s**t together. Before this week’s interview Joey and Jason briefly discuss their tendency to constantly compare themselves to other people, and how sometimes that’s all it takes to be in the ‘mental rat race’.


“Ideas matter, and you have to have an idea of what’s going on in the world”


This week’s guest is Matt Johnson partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm, and the boys waste no time jumping in the deep end, asking Matt how an entrepreneur can keep their sanity whilst maintaining efficiency. Matt deliberates of the issue of prioritisation and not spreading yourself to thin, you only have so much focus and you must use it properly. That starts with figuring out what’s worth spending your energy on. Matt then moves on to talking about dealing with your inevitable inability to achieve this perfectly and how to approach decision making in that context. Joey discusses the idea that perseverance and dogged belligerence can get you to a successful place, no matter what you are doing. Matt disagrees and sights the example of Kodak in the 90’s, which leads the guys to discuss adaptability in different sectors of business.


“The podcast does three things for you, it’s authority, visibility and relationships”.


The next section of the discussion starts with Matt talking about how to diversify your business whilst maintaining existing revenue streams. The key when attacking multiple projects is to find an aspect you can focus on that helps multiple fronts, Matt explains some of the difficulties you can encounter on this path. Jason then mentions how their podcast and their real estate businesses seem totally incapable of synergy and Matt describes why he thinks that it is impossible for that to be the case. Joey agrees with Matt and talks about why the Grind has already helped other aspects of his professional life. Matt then discusses how day to day running of businesses has become exponentially easier over the last decade allowing for CEO’s and managers to focus on entrepreneurial pursuits. The last chunk of discussion is Matt explaining his methodology for entrepreneurship and how to run multiple businesses effectively. His systems-based approach has Jason and Joey excited to adapt their own methods, and like Joey say’s at the end of the episode, “That was some juicy stuff”.


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