Yours For The Asking with Ed Goyette

Joey and Jason return with episode 68 of The Grind. This instalment starts with Joey talking about an experiment with making offers on properties that he is undertaking, and his first experience with detoxing. The guys give a quick recap of last weeks episode and have a short discussion about being open to opportunities. Jason includes his take on haters and naysayers and the guys speak about how best to deal with them.


“I ask everyday for what I want, and I usually get it”.


The guest for this week is Ed Goyette, creator of ‘Yours for the Asking’ and serial entrepreneur. The guys begin the interview asking Ed about the origins of his programme, the philosophy of which dates back to when Ed was twelve years old and a story about little league baseball his father and Joe Torre. It is a positive, mobilising way of looking at the world that Ed has geared towards engaging young people. Joey, Jason and Ed discuss why people generally don’t ask for the things that they want, and the fear of rejection that is inherent to that process. Ed then tells a second titular anecdote, this one about his daughter and her very early career decisions, and how the realisations that he gained helped the development of his approach with Yours for the Asking. Jason follows suit with a story about his daughter and his possible failures in helping her pursue an interest in music. Ed explains how it is a pitfall that every parent falls into to some extent, so you shouldn’t kick yourself for missed opportunities, but instead pay more attention to future ones.


“if you look at your kids, you will realise that they are a constant stream of possibility”.


Joey asks Ed about how he attains the addresses he uses in his programme, and Jason asks him about the dedicated time that he allocates to being with his kids and how he fits it into his schedule. Ed explains that it’s all about switching into a child like mindset, in which the world is limitless and there for you to explore. He then brings the discussion to the potentiality of a child psyche and how putting yourself in that place as an adult can be a welcome break from the harsh adult rat race. Joey concurs and expounds on how your numberless dreams as a kid feel like they disappear in the blink of an eye. The guys probe Ed further and he speaks about how the process of putting yourself on a level with your kid helps you treat them like an equal and they in turn become more receptive.


Towards the end of the show the guys talk about how to make the most of the ‘lightning years’, that period of time before adolescence when your children only see you as a superhero. Joey fawns over Eds ability to reach and gain responses from so many people, until Ed reminds him that he is not as inherently adorable as an eight year old girl. To finish up Ed talks about the journey of realisation when he first figured out that he was having a tangible impact on peoples lives. He also finishes up the chronology of his and his daughter’s story, to tie the episode up in a nice little bow.


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