You Can’t Outsource Vision with Alex Vorobieff

 “You can’t win the war with the world, if you can’t win the war with your mind”


Jason and Joey are back with another episode of the Grind, this week’s guest is Alex Vorobieff, business alignment coach and author of the business strategy book ‘Transform your company, a book for frustrated business owners’. But first Jason’s book club, the reading for this week was; Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’. A combination of neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics into an empowering philosophy of choosing your own reality. The guys discuss some of the ideas in the book, grappling with your subconscious and the importance of negotiating with yourself.


“When you aren’t getting any negative feedback, that’s a bad sign”.


The first subject the guys present to Alex is about how to live intentionally and not to be a passenger in your own life. Alex describes his experiences with feedback, or lack thereof and how a focus on feedback is the best approach for a cohesive company. He also talks about the reasons you don’t see effective feedback protocols in place in most companies. Jason asks about the value of questioning “am I the problem” in terms of leadership, Joey brings up why it is always good to internalise feedback and Alex unpacks why all of this is a painful process and why you should attempt to engage the executive brain over the amygdala.


“If you give me a stick, I’m not gonna hit you with it”.


Alex begins the next segment rendering an idea Jason brings up about the importance of transparency in leadership and why every member of a team wants to be heard. He also discusses two very interesting anecdotes about the recovery of the Ford motor company and Hillary Clintons 2016 election campaign. These two stories bring up the importance of trust and the title theme of this episode; you can’t outsource vision. The idea being, leaders should embody the core values of a company, this acts as an orienting force for every person in a supporting role. The Guys discuss this idea further until Jason breaks his internet. When he returns they talk more about the practicalities of implementing the ideas they have discussed, and some of the real-world situations that it relates to. Alex finishes up with a little insight on living a liberated life, and the gang bids a farewell till next week. Keep on Grinding.


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