Living With Breast Cancer with Kathryn Sutherland

This week’s episode could have been a depressing one, if not for Kathryn Sutherland’s uncompromising optimism. In the depths of the treatment for her stage 2 breast cancer, she joins Joey and Jason to talk about the roller coaster of surviving with one of the world’s most deadly diseases.

“Let’s do the entire show with our eyes closed today”

Joey and Jason start off discussing how something as simple as having your emails open at the start of a podcast, can be catastrophically disruptive and distracting. A recent review of the podcast leads  the boys to talk about the different levels of impact that people have in the world, and how no matter the quantity of the impact, as long as it’s positive, you are creating valuable change. Jason then reads one of Kathryn Sutherland’s blogs to introduce her interview.

“Does this haircut make me look like I have cancer”

Joey asks Kathryn to take us through her daily routine, and the difficulties that can arise around the things in your life that you take for granted. One of the familiar topics talked about on ‘The Grind’ is defining moments, usually viewing them from life’s rear-view mirror. Kathryn is in an ongoing defining moment, which gives her a unique perspective that she illustrates to Joey and Jason. A trope that occurs often in people who are going through adversity is gallows humour. Kathryn talks about her dark sense of humour and dealing with the awkwardness that talking about her condition can bring.

“This is my new normal”

Continuing the discussion, the guys scrutinise how a sense of mortality can cause you to lose your inhibitions. Kathryn also extrapolates on the importance of picking your battles and tackling things that are within your reach, when going through hard times. She describes how it felt to initially hear the news and how the hardest part (mentally) of the whole ordeal so far was the first 3 weeks from diagnosis to treatment plan, because of the unknown.

“I never asked, why did this happen to me”.

Towards the end of the interview Kathryn talks about the minimal body maintenance she is able to do because of the treatment, she also takes us through the chronology of her past and future chemo and surgical treatments. The trio then consider the perspective that can be gained from suffering in general, Kathryn explains how her situation has lead to a belief that people are mostly good but are afraid and Joey finishes up by articulating how you should always try and deal with the hand that you are dealt. Because really, what choice do you have.


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