Finding Happiness Through Self-Discipline

It’s another unsupervised Joey and Jason special this week, not ones to be deterred, the boys continue down the rabbit hole of ideas with conviction. Jason quickly realises that having forgotten about the podcast until the night before isn’t to bad if Joey can remember with only 5 minutes to go. The last-minute wonder reveals that, on top of his class ‘lead gen for champions’, he is working on a new coaching course called ROC (resiliency, opportunity and connection).

Jason tells a story about his dogs, his daughter, a very muddy kitchen floor, and the importance of not losing your cool. To which Joey expands on towards the idea of self-awareness. The guys give a small recap of last week’s episode with Kathryn Sutherland and Joey and Jason try to decipher the difference between the UK and Great Britain.

“The key to sustained happiness is through disciplining your behaviour”.

The meat of this episode is exploring the idea that discipline equals freedom, and the guys manage to summate the idea succinctly to mean that, you must sacrifice your immediate joy for a deeper more meaningful happiness, at a later date. Joey and Jason talk about the fact that discipline often boils down to abstinence of pleasure. Joey remarks that making disciplined decisions is easier if you build them on a foundation of ‘self-love’ (not that kind). Jason makes the observation that personal responsibility is the best route to conflict resolution and happiness, and he ties it in nicely with his story from earlier in the episode.

For a final insight, joey explains how putting all of this into practice is difficult but when you do it properly it helps you see other people’s perspectives. Jason sets the homework this week, and in his words “Stop being so judgemental?..knock it off”.

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