90 Days to 5k Investing in Real Estate with Edna Keep

Joey and Jason return with another episode of The Grind. The boys start this week deciphering some important babysitter logistics, before recapping last weeks episode and talking about how they have already implemented some of the ideas they discussed.  Jason also considers his own fallibility when it comes to judging other people’s life choices, Leading to Joey and Jason wondering if they could run a small shop with little growth and still be happy, instead of living in the fast-moving world of real estate.


“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth”


The boys introduce this week’s guest Edna Keep and ask her to describe how she got into real estate. As it turns out Robert Kiyosaki and his ‘Rich dad Poor dad’ programme has played a role in Edna, Jason and Joey’s introduction to the industry, which they discuss intermittently throughout the episode. Jason then asks Edna to breakdown her targets for income and assets in a long-term context. In lieu of asking Edna just quite how she got to where she is now, Joey puts forward the idea of actively pursuing goals even when you don’t know what the first step is. In other words, “the answer to how is yes”. The guys discuss this summarily with Edna and then ask her what her initial moves in the industry actually were. Edna drops some anecdotes about her early decisions and explains her ethos and how she decided on it.


“you take what you learn, and you can use it in any market”


Joey starts the next segment speaking about how people often don’t take advantage of situations, when the benefit to them isn’t so obvious. Edna talks on that point in a more specific context with Jason asking her to clarify various terms for the listeners as they move through topics. Jason describes how he approached his real estate career on his own, and the importance of dealing with failure and fear. Joey builds off the back of that point talking about a something Edna mentioned earlier which she calls ‘Analysis paralysis’. For the next ten minutes Joey, Jason and Edna go fairly deep into cash flow philosophy and the best outlook to have in regard to your monthly earnings. A natural Segway occurs, and the topic of coaches comes up. The guys discuss the idea that the main thing a coach can help you do, is get out of your own way, they discuss some of the other benefits and Edna begins to describe her programme ’90 days to 5k’. In describing the importance of momentum when starting a real estate endeavour, Edna tells some more insightful stories about her outset in the business.


Towards the end of the show, Joey speaks on broadening your horizons, Edna talks about some of the other organisations she is involved with and the crossovers between Joey, Jason and herself.


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