Exploring Leadership with Dr James Kelley, Author of ‘The Crucibles Gift’

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.”

– Arnold H. Glasow

This episode of ‘The Grind’ Features Dr James Kelley, author of ‘Crucibles Gift, 5 lessons from authentic leaders who thrive in adversity’. But before that discussion begins Joey and Jason have a little recap of the past weeks shows. They talk a little about growth from failure and skim some of the topics that are covered a little deeper with Dr Kelley and throw in some Matthew McConaughey quotes for good measure.

“It’s who you become, not who you are”

The interview with Dr Kelley starts with Joey posing the question, can you manufacture adversity in your life with the aim of self-betterment through overcoming that adversity. Dr Kelley then takes us through the advantages of mentally preparing for adversity, because no matter what it will find you, whether you are looking for it or not. He also explains why Interpreting difficulties in life is the key to gaining from them as opposed to seeing them negatively.

“You fail your way to success”

Joey and James then expand on how life experience becomes your coping mechanism when dealing with misfortune, and how looking back on to your negative experiences positively, can over time help you stop them adversely affecting your future. James Extrapolates this into the subject of millennials and the difficulties that emerge from being raised with the social media feedback loop.

In the next segment Joey picks Dr Kelley’s brain about the emergence of leaders. Joey talks about his time in the military and how moments of strife can cause those you least expect, to take up the reigns of leadership. The guys cover how being raised amongst adversity can lead to a more comfortable life and the pro’s and con’s of stoicism vs familiarity within a leadership role. The conversation turns to the subjective nature of a good leader and how it reflects the individual needs of those who follow.

Finishing up, Dr Kelley extolls the benefits of embracing the crucible and how the integrating self-awareness and compassion into your leadership philosophy is the best road to success.

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