Be Relentless with Special Guest J Leman

You’re never going to find YOUR strength if you just read books, you’re going to find your strength after you swing the bat a thousand times; “Oh, I hit a lot of doubles. I don’t hit home runs, I hit a lot of doubles: that’s what I do.” It takes reps.

This week Joey and Jason are joined by J Leman, who in his 33 years has achieved a lot: from college football to the NFL, building a successful organisation through network marketing, becoming a Big Ten Network studio analyst, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and raising a family – he shares what he’s learned so far…get ready for some sports analogies!

“You can always out-work, out-hustle and out-smart your opponent, those things take no talent. There is always a place on the team for someone like that.”

As a true-life testament to Joey’s mantra “just show up/keep showing up’, J got his first major break in football when a teammate failed to show up for practice due to a court date following a fight. You never know how or when an opportunity might arise…

Though he was picked up by several teams over the years, he also shares the crushing lows of being cut; a rejection he endured seven times. Though he jokes that being rejected from your dream multiple times does harden a person to the ‘no’s’ experienced in life (and sales) later on, there’s no denying that compounding rejections at this level will most likely bring down the mindset of anyone, “even if you’re superman”.

Depressed, suffering terrible headaches and signed off work he began to look into part-time opportunities, where the next chapter of his life began…

Find out how the power of ‘The Ask’ led J to his first TV job (despite the fact he had no previous experience), how he turned his Fantastic Flop into a Smashing Success and how he and the guys get past the stigma of working in Network Marketing/Real Estate…

“We can’t pay our bills with other people’s opinions!”

Join them as they discuss the value of EFFORT, learning through ACTION, and why you should never shake with your left hand!

If you’d like to contact J Leman, message him directly through Instagram & Twitter: @JLeman47

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