Find Some Damn Perspective Already!

This week’s episode is all about perspective, whether we gain it from the events in our lives or the people in our lives.

Jason shares a recent perspective-offering life event which occurred two weeks previously when he was feeling exceptionally down in the dumps; he was thrown into a family crisis after his daughter called in a panic to say their dog had been hit by a car. Thankfully, the dog pulled through, though seriously injured and now blind. Although difficult and traumatic to go through, it offered some meaningful perspective for Jason, it was clear to him how much worse things would have been had their dog died, therein lay the sense of gratitude – so difficult to find when we are fixated on the negative.

Thankfully, life-events such as this do not occur frequently. Even so, it’s imperative that we seek out healthy sources of perspective in our lives. This is where complementary interpersonal relationships can hold so much value.

This week’s guest is the much quoted, frequently referred to Kendel Torkildson, Joey’s wife, and own personal fountain of wisdom and perspective. Right off the bat, the complementary nature of the relationship is evident. Compared to Joey’s high-energy, excitable and impulsive ‘mile-a-minute’ delivery, Kendel’s presence is almost serene; her thoughts considered, her responses measured and articulate. It’s this contrast in energy, thought processes and approach to problem solving that is so key to the dynamic that Joey cites as being his best source of perspective.

90% of the advice I give, is Kendel giving me advice.”

The three discuss how crucial it is to have a trusted partner (in whatever relationship context) with an outside perspective who can offer insight, often by asking questions we wouldn’t think to ask ourselves. Business partners, friends or significant others aside, the simple act of going for a beer with someone we deem incredibly different to us still has potential to yield worthwhile insight.

If you don’t have them in your life, find them. Don’t find energy vampires. Find people who will complement you and give you some juicy perspective.”

Joey and Kendel give a great example of a recent such insight in ‘stepping-stone-thoughts’ (an approach definitely worth applying next time you find yourself in a negative funk). It seems that a large part of gaining from outside perspectives, is being open to alternative fixations, often in the form of previously overlooked things to be grateful for.

Kendal reveals how she applies positivity into her own life, her influences and some of the highlights and challenges of being married to Joey! Partners of the highly ambitious will certainly identify with the battles and cycles of finding the elusive career/life/family balance. Sometimes reminders are in order, that success and business are not the only thing that will bring satisfaction, a happy personal life is just as important and fulfilling as reaching professional goals.

“It should be work hard, play hard.”

As always, Jason and Joey would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the show.

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