Just Say NO!

“How does one live a life of definite purpose, true fulfilment and absolutely no regrets? Let’s embrace fear, pain, problems, and what we like to call, The Suck.”

A month into following his dream of coaching high school track & field, a sleepless, stressed-out Jason ponders that he may have bitten off more than he can chew in time commitments…

In this episode, Joey and Jason debate Jason’s immediate quandary, a dilemma faced by many busy and ambitious people: how to maintain a health/home/career balance and not drop the ball when we end up with too much on our plates.

When we are working at capacity and take on new commitments, something invariably has to give. In most cases, the first sacrifices are health and sleep, as Jason is finding out! Joey stresses the importance of being ‘selfish’ during these times, as a person running on a couple of hours of sleep, skipping exercise and not eating properly cannot fire on all cylinders for prolonged periods. He argues that if you’re going to add, at capacity, you must also delete something.

Jason deliberates that rather than deleting, he has an opportunity for personal growth and motivation to improve time blocking and focus. Though he may struggle at first, managing to find a way of making it work over time would surely be a positive achievement.

The guys discuss priorities, purpose, miracle morning rituals, power-down rituals, how to avoid regrets and when to put on the ‘asshole hat’ and just say “NO!”

Remember The Name by Fort Minor (Warner Bros. Records and Machine Shop Recordings) acapella and musical tracks are licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.5 license and have been remixed for use in this show. All rights that are not expressly granted under this license are reserved by Fort Minor and/or Warner Bros. Records and/or Machine Shop Recordings. 

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