Discussion with Ryan Snow, Author of The Miracle Morning for Salespeople!

“If you think you can’t, you MUST.” – Anthony Robbins

After frequently referencing “The Miracle Morning for Sales People” on the show, Jason and Joey welcome co-author Ryan Snow as this week’s guest.

In addition to being a #1 Best-selling author, Ryan is also a Speaker and Sales & Business Coach.  He talks about how he met and later came to write with Hal Elrod – the man behind the concept of “The Miracle Morning” – and how the system has impacted not only his own life, but the lives of his family, team and clients vicariously. After seeing the benefits in his own personal growth, he was determined to move the system over to business as well. 

“Unwavering faith in extraordinary effort = Miracles or Extraordinary results”

For those unfamiliar with the basic concept of “The Miracle Morning”, it is an early morning systematic routine for scaffolding good habits in self leadership that might otherwise be difficult, setting up each and every day. These habits are mapped out as SAVERS.

S – Silence (Meditation/Prayer)

A – Affirmations

V – Visualisations

E – Exercise

R – Reading

S – Scribing (Journaling/Writing)

Some people might have sworn by one or two of these for years, but it’s the combination of the 6 together that enables people to improve and make a significantly positive impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. The key theme, is “Energy”.

“Everything in sales comes down to energy…”

Ryan’s number one tip for sales people is about maximising the positive transference of energy; mental, physical and emotional within yourself, between you and your team, clients and family. It starts with you. “…put the oxygen mask on yourself first, if you die, you can’t help anyone else.”

Throughout this episode, Ryan thoughtfully articulates exactly how it works and how it looks day to day – even when ‘life’ throws up obstacles that might throw you off.

The group candidly share their own personal affirmations, discuss the early mornings and subsequent shifts in life choices, taking 100% responsibility, the dangers of negative affirmations, psychological barriers, exercise, and how to find a system you can STICK TO.

Ryan Snow’s new book “Explosive Sales in Real Estate” launches April 9th 2018.  For information and the chance to read it first, go to www.explosivesalesgrowth.com/Thegrind

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