Decision 7 – I Will Persist Without Exception

“I compare myself to my potential” – Andy Andrews. 

 Joey and Jason are joined by Keller Williams realtor and founder of, Brian Inskip to embrace the seventh decision of The Traveler’s Gift, The Persistent Decision. 

 With anything in life, it is persistence that is the key ingredient to success. Many of those will stumble and fall on their path toward their goals, simply due to their fear of failure, and their refusal to persist when the road becomes steep and difficult to climb. The seventh and final chapter of The Traveler’s Gift teaches the lesson of persistence without exception.  

 One of the greatest and most common mistakes we make as humans is to compare ourselves against one another. Whether it’s our peers, heroes or family members, many of us waste years of our life comparing our successes and failures against them, when really we should only be comparing ourselves to one thing; our own potential. By doing this, we have a clearer vision as to what we wish to achieve, and therefore have much more of an incentive to persist in our actions towards actually achieving our goals. 

 Joey uses the analogy of an airplane taking flight to describe the importance of persistence in life: The moment before a plane takes off, the vehicle reaches such a great speed that it’s body begins to rattle. At this point the pilot must keep pushing forward, giving it the propulsion to move off the ground. In life, many of us get to this point of break neck speed, feel the rattle and decide to pull up, fearful of what could happen if they continued and failed. As per Joey’s airplane analogy, it is at this exact turning point where one must persist for only a little longer, and then we shall see that the journey was worth it all along. 

 Throughout the podcast, Joey, Jason and Brian explore the nature of persistence and why it is that the journey toward success is as important as the end goal. With every level of achievement, Jason says, one creates a new version of themselves, and another journey begins. 

 Each of the Seven decisions from Andy Andrews’ book – The Traveler’s Gift, can be read here.  

 About Our Guest:  

 Real Estate has always been a part of Brian Inskip’s life. From a young age, Brian worked closely with his Grandfather, managing rental properties and learning the ins and outs of the business. After graduating from Illinois State University, Brian spent eight years working in construction before turning his hand to property investment. Using his refined industry know-how along with his grandfather’s work ethic, Brian has expanded from being a real estate investor, to offering his knowledge, expertise and service to others in the field.  

 Brian now runs which offers an innovative approach and simple solution to help real estate agents sell more homes with less time and effort. The site takes a revolutionary approach to helping you achieve your Real Estate goals powered by the latest technology and local experts offering a unique service. As a listener of the podcast you can get a 30 day free trial by entering the promo code GRIND on 

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