Decision 2: I Will Seek Wisdom

“When I counsel with myself, I can only make decisions according to what I already know. By counselling with a wise man, I add his knowledge and experience to my own and dramatically increase my success.” –  Andy Andrews 


Robert Keehn started Revolution as an idea to inspire people to live their lives on their own terms. He wants them to be inspired from others who have done so. The inspiration for Revolution came from his experiences of living with PTSD. When triggers brought on negative thoughts, he learned to re-shape those thoughts through positive cognitive thinking. By doing this, he realised that the strategic process can be applied to any aspect of life. Learning this technique helped him intentionally live with more gratitude, compassion and love. This was the basis for Revolution.


TodayRobert Keehn joins Joey and Jason as they dive into the second episode of the seven-part series where they explore and discuss each of “The Seven Decisions” in The Traveller’s Gift by Andy Andrews. 


The second chapter of the seven decisions is titled “I will seek wisdom”. The passage contains powerful, positive affirmations towards the gaining of wisdom through the serving of others, and the importance of surrounding oneself with those whose lives you admire. By choosing our friends with care, and by humbly serving others, we share their wisdom and add to our own knowledge, experience and growth. 


“Often, the person who develops a servant’s spirit becomes wealthy beyond measure. Many times, a servant has the ear of the king, and a humble servant becomes king for he is the popular choice of the people. He who serves the most grows the fastest.” 


Robert Keehn’s inspiration for Revolution shares a similar school of thought to what is portrayed in the book by Andy Andrews. Revolution helps those who suffer from negative thinking to understand that negative thoughts evolve into negative emotions which eventually become a person’s truth. The Revolution model helps these people to change their negative thoughts to positive ones, which over time will develop positive emotions, and ultimately help people live a positive truth. 


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