Decision 1: The Buck Stops Here

“My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement. The buck stops here.” Andy Andrews – The Travellers Gift  


The Traveller’s Gift – Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success, is a book by Andy Andrews which tells a motivational parable of a man who after having lost his job, his finances, and nearly his life, is transported to back in time where he meets various historical figures who provide him with suggestions and directions which point him towards a more positive living. The book contains a plethora of influential and noteworthy statements which make for a highly inspiring read. 


This week on The Grind, Jason and Joey discuss the book by Andy Andrews, the nature of its mind-opening attitudes, and recite a passage from the chapter entitled Decision 1: The Responsible Decision, which can also be read here


“Adversity is preparation for greatness” is a quote that stands out from the passage. Both Joey and Jason agree that this statement is particularly relatable in terms of success and failure in both business and in personal life. While hard-work, stress and hyper-focus can appear as a hardship to endure on face value, the rewards you reap from making sacrifices will inevitably be worth it. Begging the question: How much are you willing to endure, to live the life you want to live?  


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