Human Connection and The Power of Vulnerability with Ryan Estis

“When you make the evolution from having something to prove, to having something to give – you will actually be able to connect with people in a different way and have a whole lot more impact in life” – Ryan Estis


With twenty years of experience as a sales professional and leader, as well as being the former chief strategy officer for the McCann World Group Advertising Agency, Ryan Estis has been recognised by Meetings & Conventions Magazine as one of the best keynote speakers ever heard. Ryan inspires his audience with case studies that include powerful and relevant stories that resonate with his audience long after the event ends. Today he brings his inspiring thoughts and perspective to join Joey and Jason on The Grind, where they discuss storytelling, technology addiction and the power of vulnerability.


As an esteemed Keynote speaker, Estis explains that good storytelling comes down to the act of paying attention. Each day is set with a different narrative, with different situations which we can cultivate and build a story from, it is our duty to pay attention and notice such things, rather than succumb to the distractions around us, such as social media and cell phones. Estis says, “Your story is unfolding and you’re the author of it. If it’s not interesting, that’s up to you, write the next page, write the next chapter.” Aside from personal stories, Estis explains, this concept remains the same in a business sense as well.


Continuing the discussion of the distraction of cell-phones, the boys debate the habits and addictions we currently face daily with social media and technology. With so much in the world currently competing for our attention, it is important to be able to kick the routine in order to give ourselves space to be more creative and connect more organically with other. Estis describes his experience undergoing the Hoffman Process where he spent 8 days without his phone. The process allowed him to see a physical change in his routine as well as his perspective. You can read more on this on his blog here.


Throughout the episode, Estis explores various ways in which a person can improve their ability to connect with other human beings on a meaningful level. With storytelling being one method, and switching off from technology being another, one of the fundamental ways in which Ryan believes a person can connect better with others, is simply by submitting oneself to vulnerability. While it is often seen as a weakness, Ryan believes that by showing your vulnerable side, you are allowing others to see your authenticity, giving them more reason to reach out to you as a fellow human being. Ryan explains that this vulnerability mindset comes hand in hand with the evolution between being a person with something to prove, and being a person with something to give. It is individuals who refuse to hide their flaws, who do not wish to project anything other than their true selves, who will ultimately create more meaningful connections with others, and often become leaders.


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