What’s Your Super Power?

“The powerful thinker will quickly begin making choices to shape their day into something they want” Stephen Guise

Whether it’s going to the gym, seeing friends or buckling down to do some work, everything in life comes down to choice. This week on The Grind, Jason and Joey are joined by fellow realtor Rex Johnson as they discuss the superpower we all possess. The power of choice.

In this week’s episode, Jason and Joey reflect on a Stephen Guise article titled You’re More Powerful Than You Think. In this article, Guise describes the difference between passive and powerful thinking. While a passive thinker will focus on observing and commenting, a powerful thinker will actively make firm choices on a day to day basis, ultimately leading them to a greater chance of success.

As they go on to discuss the importance of taking action, Rex explains that most people hesitate to take action for fear of taking the wrong action. Therefore, it is his belief that the term “imperfect action” is key to understanding the concept that any action taken is better than none, even if it’s imperfect. To put it simply; “doing something is better than doing nothing”.

One simple action, Rex describes, is to turn your phone onto airplane mode when you are spending quality time with a loved one. This simple action will not only allow you to devote your undivided attention to someone that is important to you, but will assist your mindset to compartmentalising your life.

Another choice we have, is how we decide to react to negativity. Throughout life we will all face challenges such as rejection. A powerful thinker will decide not to allow rejection to set them back. As difficult as it may seem, we all have the ability to make these decisions, and it is never too late to start.

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