18 Signs You Have High Emotional Fitness Part 1

“Emotionally intelligent people are self-confident and open-minded” – Dr Travis Bradberry 

In February 2015, an article was published on LinkedIn titled Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How to Know for Sure. The article, written by Dr. Travis Bradberry, describes eighteen fundamental characteristics that are possessed by an emotionally intelligent individual.  

This week on The Grind, Joey and Jason take a look at a few of these characteristics as a way to measure their own emotional fitness, ranking themselves honestly on a scale of 1-10 for each one.  

One of the key features of an emotionally ‘fit’ individual is their resistance to offence.  Someone with a high emotional intelligence (or EQ) has a firm grasp of themselves and thick skin, they do not take things personally and therefore have a greater chance of success in everything they do. Jason and Joey discuss the parallels between sport and business when it comes to self-confidence and practice. Something we are all guilty of is confusing lack of practice with lack of ability. As difficult as it is to coach confidence, both agree that whether it’s in the presentation room or on the basketball court, practice will always lead to an increase in self-confidence, which in turn should lead to success.  

Another prevalent motif among the features of emotional intelligence is the topic of stress. As Jason points out, it would seem from reading the article that the higher the emotional fitness of an individual, the lower the level of stress they will have, thus suggesting a direct correlation between emotional intelligence and health.  

In the next episode, Jason and Joey will re-visit the article, further deciphering their own ranks in emotional fitness. Until then, you can read the article here.  

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