Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Is Right Outside Your Comfort Zone!

“You’re earning or you’re learning” – Josh Koth

When it comes to real estate investment, persistence is key. In this week’s episode, Jason and Joey are joined by fellow real estate podcaster Josh Koth, as they discuss the importance of taking risks and having grit when it comes to real estate success.

Of the many hats that our guest wears, podcaster, photographer, musician and family man Josh Koth is also a highly successful real estate investor. During this episode, we discover some of his secrets and personal mantras that helped him climb the ladder to quickly become the prosperous investor he is today.

“There’s no better way to learn than by teaching something to others”. This is the tagline for Josh and business partner Jack Hoss’ podcast titled, ‘Real Estate Investing Rookies Podcast’. Hoth explains that the mantra is derived from the concept that each podcast episode is an autopsy of various real estate case studies. What went right, what went wrong, and how to push through a problem. Hoth goes on to explain that it is not the mistakes we make, but how we deal with them that enables us to continue through the grind.

Another fundamental key to successful real estate investment is getting out of your comfort zone. Jason says that “the flipside of getting out of my comfort zone is everything that I do now in my life is something I’ve chosen to do”. This means that rather than sit, analyse and give reasons as to why you can’t take a risk, get on the phone and make some offers. Ultimately, as Joey says, “it mostly boils down to just – Take Action”.

With all the costs involved in real estate investment, the only way to truly learn, improve and ultimately gain success in the business is to simply keep going. Jason, Joey and Josh agree that it is the persistence, the continual leaps of faith and the resilience of a person that leads them onto the path of opportunity.

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