Life is a Gift, Be Grateful!

The humble person says that life is a gift to be grateful for, not a right to be claimed.” Robert Emmons

We’re thankful to be here and grateful for our listeners as we bring you this week’s episode of The Grind. For this week’s theme is gratitude, with our guest being friend of Jason Harmon and fellow real estate agent, Lee Roggenkamp* – in the words of Jason a man who is ‘like, made of gratitude’.

The ‘gratitude muscle’ is something one builds up over time – which is much easier to do if one has gone through hardships. The root cause of lack of gratitude is having it too easy – so what can we do to appreciate what we have? One psychological technique discussed is the semantic deployment of ‘get to’ over ‘have to’. You have to go to work? Wrong: you are lucky enough to have gainful employment. You get to make use of your day, contribute to society, help people along the way, and be rewarded for it.  

Meanwhile Joey confesses that he can be prone to ‘car crying’ moments – when knocked back we can descend into ‘pity parties’, and there is an inevitability to this. But successful people can turn this around, often through talking to themselves – or, in Joey’s words, ‘talking themselves off the cliff’. One can easily reassure themselves and place the latest setback within the context of how good one really has it.

Once you are in the appropriately grateful frame of mind, problems and challenges thrown at you become much easier to recognise as being fundamentally trivial. Losing your head into the gutter may be the path of least resistance, but pinching your daily is much more satisfying.

* – Also featuring a special guest appearance from his 8 year old daughter, Maddy, who drops in to tell a clown related joke




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