Jeb Blount, Global Sales Leader & Founder of Sales Gravy, Joins Us For The Most Badass Sales Podcast EVER!!

“Prospecting – the more you do it the luckier you will get.” Jeb Blount Newsflash for real estate agents: you are salespeople. There is no way of avoiding it, dressing it up, or putting lipstick on this pig – if you don’t think being ‘pushy’ is for you then get a job in Starbucks where people will come to you. Try and hide who you are and you’ll only knock your own confidence.

Today’s guest is Jeb Blount, a man who became so sick of hearing ineffectual quick fix sales tips that he was driven to write Fanatical Prospecting. Rather than assure nervous salespeople that they did not have to interrupt people or face rejection – in the way that many are directed by   self-professed ‘gurus’ to avoid doing so through using social media instead – Jeb makes it very clear that you absolutely must rely on face-to-face or phone interaction (prospecting) to make a success of sales.

Jeb, Jason and Joey discuss how one must clear the interruption hurdle – once over that first 10 seconds of awkwardness you are generally fine. The trio also scoff at the neurotic fear people have around the reputation of being ‘salespeople’ – a good retail agent for example can be the person to help a veteran capitalise on the market, or a family find their first home, while the sleazy and the slimy occur in any walk of life.

After affirming the necessity of bold prospecting – all agree that ‘the Sales Gods’ reward a persistent trier – Jeb offers a few more hints and thoughts on other areas of salesmanship. How good leaders can coach the right behaviours in their team members, how one must develop mechanisms to deal with the ‘fight or flight’ reflex when it comes to rejection, and which words to avoid when prospecting are all discussed.

Additional tips come around the topic of scripting – Jeb advises ‘frameworks’ instead in order to allow the personality of the agent to shine through; and sales planning – don’t allow an obsession with end of year figures to allow you take your eye off the ball in January and February. That mysterious poor first quarter often isn’t a mystery after all.




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