Interview with Kris Boesch Founder of and Author of “Culture Works”

Emotional intimacy is the secret ingredient to the secret sauce of having an extraordinary workplace culture.” Kris Boesch

Joey and Jason are looking to get to the root of workplace culture: what makes employees feel good when they come to work? How does one create a culture in which people are excited by what they are doing? And how do you develop and maintain such a culture in order to retain and attract the best fit?

Few are better suited to answer these questions than Kris Boesch. Kris is author of Culture Works, a set of concrete innovative concepts, enlightening stories and tangible tools for engendering a culture – ‘the air your team breathes while it’s running your marathon’ – that generates both joy and remarkable financial results.

Underlining the importance of this topic, Kris’s research has found that by conservative estimates an unhappy employee on a $40k annual salary will cost you an additional $39k; whereas the benefit of a happy employee is $21k. Furthermore employees who are happy make 26% fewer mistakes.

Over a one hour chat Joey, Jason and Kris discuss how each employee’s individuality negates the benefit of a ‘one size fits all’ approach; the concept of accountability; the importance of incentives and how most appropriately to use them; and a sense of belonging – workers want to know that if they go above or beyond (or conversely if they slack off) that it matters and will be noticed.

Recruitment and retention is also a major point of discussion, with all in agreement that one must place a significant emphasis on any one candidate’s ability to fit into your workplace culture; without the right fire in their belly, you will inevitably find yourself using the stick over the carrot to an inordinate degree.

At the episode’s conclusion, Kris details the importance of emotional intimacy. As an example she shares a simple quick win approach – a small adjustment to the question ‘how are you doing?’ – which ensures your employees will open up and will provide you with an opportunity to address any issues they may be affecting their performance.


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